Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Starbucks Give Up Christmas Cheer

Of late, Starbucks have been in the news for all the wrong reasons!
In October 2015, the coffee company Starbucks rolled out their annual red cups for the holiday season, but they removed "symbols of the season" used in the past, which have included reindeers, snowmen and ornaments, in favor of a simple, two-toned red cup.
Sorry – in Malaysia, we don’t even get these red cups.
Anyway, Starbucks explained that the cup was meant to be a “blank canvas” that encourages "customers to tell their Christmas stories in their own way”.
But the apparent lack of Christmas cheer on this year's cup had dismayed a lot of people. Some critics even accuse Starbucks of waging a war on Christmas!
On December 09, an unidentified user had uploaded an image of polar bear cookies on the photo-sharing site Imgur and pointing out that the "scarves" around their necks made them look like "they've all had their throats slit". The post received more than 2.7 million views in just two days.
Flickr: bunchesandbits Creative Commons
I am not sure what the motive was to re-post the pic since the cookies aren’t even available for purchase anymore. Starbucks told BuzzFeed the white bear-shaped cookies were discontinued in 2010.
Predictably, the so-called Christmas defenders became very distressed. Starbucks had got rid of their Christmas cups and then they slit polar bear throats on their cookies!
In any case, the above caused a great deal of consternation among Starbucks fans.
And that’s what I don’t understand. Why do we take umbrage so easily over a damn cup or a freaking cookie?
There are more important issues to worry about! 

On Monday, I was in MidValley Megamall to deliver CC speech #8 titled “Happiness in a Bottle”. Although I was voted Best Speaker at the MidValley Toastmasters meeting, I didn’t think I did justice to the speech. I started well but then midway, the speech went astray. Like a care-free goat let loose in a meadow.

Oh well, one of those days, I guess!


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