Sunday, December 20, 2015

Paying No Attention to VIP Convoy

I would like to share this story carried by Free Malaysia Today on December 18, 2015:

A young Malaysian captured the moment when city motorists refused to clear the way for police outriders escorting a VIP convoy, and which turned out to be the Prime Minister’s official car. It wasn’t mentioned if Najib Razak himself was in the said car though.
Fadzil Khairil, in his December 15, 2015 post, said that he was stuck in evening traffic when a police motorcade approached from behind and signaled for motorists to clear the way.
He wrote: “Already frustrated with the tortoise-paced traffic, I put on a blur look and acted dumb at the policemen’s orders until finally, the convoy gave up and had to use the emergency lane to the left of my car.”
“As the VVIP’s car went past, I saw that it was the official car of our Prime Minister, Najib Razak himself!”
“What really had me bursting with laughter was the fact that nobody else gave way to the Prime Minister’s car! The policemen ended up being frustrated and didn’t know that to do.”
The writer saw this as citizens expressing their discontent against PM Najib.
“We aren’t angry at the policemen who were just doing their job. We were merely making our country’s Ministers walk the talk! After all, they did tell us that if we didn’t want to pay for the toll hike, we had to get up early to avoid the jam,” in reference to Minister Rahman Dahlan’s ‘wake up early’ statement.
[In November 2015, Housing and Local Government Minister Rahman Dahlan had said that Malaysians should wake up early and beat the rush on toll-free roads in order to save money. This careless remark was made to Malaysians who had voiced unhappiness at the toll rate hikes on October 12, 2015 that ranged from RM0.20 to RM2.30, in a time of an escalating cost of living situation].
Signing off, Fadzil wrote: “To all ministers, if you don’t want to be stuck in traffic in the future, get up early for work or you’ll be late for work! You can even take public transport if you want to!”
The post, which clocked over 23,210 likes and 4,118 shares, has ignited debate, with a majority concurring with his stance.
Malaysians are already very much fed up with Najib! Just the mere mention of his name is making me feel nauseous!
On Saturday, I was at the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting in KL’s Bankers Club. I was caught by surprise when I saw that the Agenda had put me down as Toastmaster-of-the-Morning. Still, I did my duty with funereal solemnity that was liberally laced with piquant wit. And I believe I did well.
Photos taken at the meeting:


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