Sunday, December 13, 2015

Najib Razak's No Retreat, No Surrender

Prime Minister and UMNO president Najib Razak (left) on Thursday defiantly and contumaciously rejected calls for him to step down over the RM2.6 billion political funding scandal. Najib vowed not to give in to those who were seeking his removal, as he addressed the annual general assembly of the ruling UMNO party.

If anybody was foolish enough to look for signs of revolt against the party president - well, there wasn't any. Not to any naked eye.

Najib was adamant in his belief that he still commands support. Unshakeable support. And he swore “…no matter how many times we are pushed to the ground, there shall be no retreat, no surrender”.
For good measure, he repeated forcefully: “No retreat! No surrender!”
Najib's script writers did enough to sound convincing. Actually, the trusting audience didn't need much convincing.  They had already been won over; they had been cajoled to believe anything that he told them. Clearly, he had them in the palm of his hand.
Even when his speech was nothing more than blustering bombast. Platitudes that were well-disguised as phony eloquence. And as if on cue, party delegates gave Najib a standing ovation when he finished his speech.
Najib is in control. His position is unassailable. And you can sense his brashness. As long as he is able to hold onto the reins of power, we know that the status quo remains and nothing changes.
His “No retreat, no surrender” shibboleth means Najib is showing Malaysians the middle finger and telling us he doesn’t give a shit. He is going to stand his ground, no matter what.
It means no need to report to Parliament. No need to explain to PAC. No need to disclose to ROS. No need to divulge to Bank Negara. No need to answer to MACC. No need to tell all to party members. No need for audit. No need for accountability. No need for transparency.
It means Najib will continue to be the numero uno. Let it be and we can only have one more shot at saving Malaysia when GE14 comes. Then it is up to us.

And I was at the Open University Malaysia campus in KL to deliver a CC #7 speech titled "The Last Option". At this Saturday meeting of OUM Toastmasters, I was also the Invocation presenter as well as a Speech Evaluator.


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