Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lang Leav

Sunday Star featured Lang Leav in Star 2. I am a fan too. And I wish to share just three of my Lang Leav favorites:

Lang Leav (left) is the international best-selling author of Love & Misadventure, Lullabies and Memories. Her book ‘Lullabies’ was the 2014 winner of the Goodreads Choice award for poetry. She is the winner of a Qantas Spirit of Youth Award and coveted Churchill Fellowship. And she is also an artist and fashion designer.
If you are familiar with her work, you’ll soon realize that it “swings between the whimsical and woeful, expressing a complexity beneath its child-like façade”.
And that’s not all. Seussian and ethereal, Leav’s pursuits "portray a myriad of emotions felt by the human heart on fire". Truly, her prose has made me addicted.
"Straightforward and sincere, one could describe Leav’s poetry as the representation of a rose garden. Its beauty like the petals on a rose is aesthetically detected from its syntax while its lethality, its thorns, is conveyed through sharp diction and emotiveness. Let (me) explain, Leav has carved out the human heart like it has never been done before. She has mastered empathy”.

Leav is well-known for her evocative poems and they are grabbing the attention of the social media generation. That explains why she has been dubbed an "Instapoet", and described by UK's The Guardian as "a new generation of bestselling poets, catapulted to fame through the use of social media, and the massive followings they have built up". 
I was in Bangsar in KL where I participated in the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting yesterday. I delivered CC #9 titled “Who Killed the Mosquitoes”. My speech was not up to par. It fell short. It could be much better.


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