Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jediism Influences Malay-Muslims

One Malaysian newspaper article headlined the mania that is enveloping the country as "Gila Star Wars” (“Star Wars craze” in English).
Ustaz Rohidzir Rais couldn’t stomach it anymore and so he took to Facebook to rant against Star Wars and warn his fellow Malay-Muslims of the growing influence of “Jediism” in the country.
The Islamic preacher had written last Sunday: “In the West, there is a new religion called Jediism which makes this film the basis of their ‘faith’. Do you not realize this? Do you still want to defend your ‘faith’?”
[In a separate post a day earlier, the Al-Azhar University graduate had mocked the creator-director of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas, as a prophet who was proselytizing the “Jedi religion” worldwide with his “magical saber”. He wrote: “With the chaos in the battlefield and false fights in the imaginary world, we forget the real battle are against Muslims across the world”].
And he concluded by claiming that Malaysia’s Gen-Y have become “lost” in the “3S”, which he said stood for “screen, sports and sex”. If you believe him, then these Malaysians are “sesat” (“going astray” in English). If they are to return to the way of godliness and righteousness, is he suggesting that they give up on movies, physical activities and lovemaking? Surely, that is asking a lot!
I hadn’t realize there are so many wet blankets in the country. And it makes me realize also that just because you attend university does not make you any smarter. I think university education is over-rated.  

Today, I cleared more exam scripts but there’s still a big pile to grade. I am exhausted, weary and worn out.
And I bet my students are enjoying their semester break. Sigh!

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