Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crossed About Crosses

Photo of houses in Langkawi with air wells resembling crosses in the Pejuang Agama Bangsa Negara Facebook page on December 23, 2015. Pix courtesy of Facebook
Roof-tops at a housing development in Langkawi, Kedah had prompted a few complaints. And one photograph showing an aerial view of them had gone viral on social media
Actually, the juxtaposition of air wells and fire break walls had inadvertently combined to resemble crosses on the said roof-tops – if they are viewed from a certain angle – and this apparently caused some distress among some eagle-eyed Malay-Muslims.
On Saturday, Kedah state executive councilor in charge of housing Tajul Urus Mat Zain ordered the housing developer to repaint the fire break walls to match the color of the roof tiles.
A day later, Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng questioned whether the cross-shaped Kuala Lumpur International Airport must also be torn down.
The cross-shaped structure of Kuala Lumpur International Airport is pictured in the KLIA Aeropolis master plan. Jannisri/wiki pic
If insecure Malay-Muslims are so hung-up about “crosses”, then maybe they should: Ban Chevrolet cars because they sport ‘T’ badges. Redesign 4-way intersections. Substitute the ‘addition’ sign. Replace the alphabet ‘t’.
And whilst they are at it, please outlaw English words that carry the word “cross” – e.g. cross country, crisscross, crossbow, crosswords, motocross, crossbreed, crossway, crossover, crosshairs, crossbeam, crossbuck, and crosswind. And that is only a small sample.
I don’t believe I am exaggerating when I say that extreme paranoia has taken root in the country.

JAKIM (Islamic Development Department of Malaysia) – with a nearly RM1 billion budget; to be precise, their allocation this year is RM819,074,900 – must be vigilant and start serious work to weed out the Christian symbol and/or the c-word (in case you are still missing the point – ‘c’ is for ’cross’) because it can endanger the fragile faith of some Malay-Muslims.
In Malaysia, endless possibilities!
This is very true:

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iomar said...

Some people are afraid of their own shadow, they see something from hell enticing them away from their goodly life