Monday, October 12, 2015

The MCA Circus

The MCA circus. Picture by Saw Siow Feng
The MCA ass-kissers
A 1,761-strong brigade of buffleheaded bozos, birdbrained buffoons and brainless belswaggers had assembled for the sixty-second MCA annual circus on Sunday. Sadly, they were all Chinese – which goes to show that even if you’re Chinese, you’re not necessarily safe from catching the stupidity sickness.
But there were two attendees who stood out from amongst the cruddy cistern of contemptible cowards. And they demonstrated courage.
Cheras delegate Heng Sinn Yee had urged the MCA leadership to ask PM Najib Razak to come clean on 1MDB and she even enjoined her party to openly call for the latter’s resignation. And Pulai delegate Tan Man Lee posed an interesting question to the same leadership. What was the party’s share of Najib’s RM2.6 billion “political fund”?
I don’t believe the pair received any response. Nonetheless, they gained my respect.
In the meantime, Liow Tiong Lai and his merry band of boneheaded blackguards continue as if everything is perfectly normal. What do you expect?  

This evening, I was in Jalan SS12/1A in Subang Jaya, Selangor to attend the Sime Darby Healthcare Toastmasters meeting – where I delivered CC #10 titled “Love Thyself” – and completing another round of the Competent Communication manual in the process. I was also voted Best Project Speaker.

Today, I finally completed a special speaking project that I started way back in February 2014. I called it simply Project 15. I had wanted to complete 15 rounds of the basic Toastmasters manual and to be evaluated by a devoted team of 15 dedicated speech evaluators. [For details, please read my blogpost titled "China Flexes Muscles" dated February 04, 2014].

But not all the selected Speech Evaluators lasted the distance (meaning, every Toastmaster has to evaluate ALL ten CC speeches in the manual). Only a handful went all the way with me and I am touched by these staunchly committed Toastmasters for being there. For me. Indeed, I learned much from them.

The 'Magnificent 7' have earned my gratitude: KL Advanced Toastmasters Club's Lucky (260 days to complete the CC manual); Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club's Lim Thian Seng (296 days); Money Mastery Toastmasters Club's CP Lau (278 days); ITC Bintang Toastmasters Club's Benny Chia (424 days); Satu Hati Toastmasters Club's Andrew Tan (314 days); Money Mastery Toastmasters Club's Haji Hashim Adnan (365 days); and Kuantan Toastmasters Club's M Meyyappa (242 days). Note that I did the 15 manuals almost concurrently.

Twas a good achievement! I did the 15 rounds of the Competent Communication manual (equaling to 150 speeches) in 617 days. That works out to one speech every 4.1 days. It is not a great statistic but the idea is to speak as regularly as I can on an impromptu basis. This helps to promote fluency and fluidity when I deliver speeches. And it is more than that it is training me to become a mentally-nimble and quick-thinking speaker too.





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