Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Fish Rots from the Head

The Pusat Bandar Taman Cempaka UMNO branch organized a high tea event on Saturday and invited Mahathir Mohamad. Their chief Syed Saifuddin Syed Harman used the occasion to urge party members to support the former premier and not let him fight his battle alone to revive UMNO.

[In case you didn’t know, Mahathir is waging a fierce campaign all year to try and force UMNO president and prime minister Najib Razak out of office].

He said: “Fish always go rotten from its head. They never go rotten from the tail, which is why we have to fix the head first”. BTW, the "rotten fish head” analogy is a familiar advice popularized by the MCA in a past power struggle.

Syed Saifuddin – I beg to differ! It’s not just the head that is rotten – but the whole fish!

Anyway, he reiterated that UMNO would be buried at the next general election if ego and arrogance continued to exist in the party. I have no doubt that he was referring to Najib’s ego and arrogance.

On the same day too and also in Kuala Lumpur, I was just 7 km away – at the Amoda Building in Jalan Imbi for the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting. Good speeches and evaluations well, except for one speech and its accompanying evaluation which were way off the mark. And that was because both speaker and evaluator didn't read the manual notes or if they had read, they didn't understand them. I was disappointed because it was an Advanced speech. Anyway, my score for this particular meeting was a 5 over 10.

As for me, I received two accolades – Best Table Topics Speaker and Best Evaluator.

And when the meeting was over, I went across the road to Berjaya Times Square to attend the Division P Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contests. I was unexpectedly called out to do a 5-minute humor session and I was relieved the audience actually laughed.

More importantly, Manimala Ganasan, my P5 rep did well to win both the contests. [Note: Andal Krishnan who was the Area P5 Speech Evaluation champ couldn’t make it and so the first runner-up went in her place]. A good show from Area P5!

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