Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Catalan Elections: Pro-Independence Parties Win

Pro-independence parties in Spain's Catalonia region have won in the regional elections that were held on September 27, 2015.

The "Junts per Si" (“Together for Yes”) alliance won 62 seats. And if they combine with the far-left separatist CUP party, which won 10 seats – they will have a joint total of 72 seats, above the 68 needed for an absolute majority in the 135-seat regional parliament.
However, the separatists fell just short of getting 50 percent of the vote, winning 1.9 million out of 4 million ballots cast.
Still, the victors said they considered the vote a de facto referendum on independence. But Spain's central government in Madrid have consistently dismissed any secession plans as "nonsense" and pledged to challenge any unilateral moves towards independence in court.
Those favoring independence had argued that the Spanish government have consistently refused to allow a legally recognized referendum to take place, ignoring an unofficial vote backing independence in November 2014. It is noteworthy to mention that opinion polls suggest a majority of Catalans support a referendum on independence but are evenly divided over whether they want to secede.
Catalan regional President Artus Mas had wanted Catalonia to follow Scotland and Quebec in Canada by voting on independence – though in both those cases, most voters chose not to break away.
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