Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Orangutans Under Grave Threat

Photos from Center for Great Apes
The tragedy is that forests have been deliberately set alight for agriculture. And the smog that ensued, cloak countries like Malaysia and Singapore.
But it is not just us who are suffering – wildlife too have come under grave threat, with orangutan sanctuaries reporting a rise in the number of rescued animals, left stranded and without food by fires.
Alarmingly, 358 fire “hotspots” have been detected inside the Sabangau Forest in Kalimantan which has the world’s largest population of nearly 7,000 wild orangutans. Elsewhere, fires are on a burning frenzy in the Tanjung Puting national park, home to 6,000 wild apes, the Katingan forest with 3,000 and the Mawas reserve where there are an estimated 3,500.
Organizations such as International Animal Rescue are sending out "human-orangutan conflict" teams to try and save the orangutans from the devastating effects of the raging fires. They will need more manpower, equipment and funds – so if you can make a donation, please help!

Last Wednesday, my August 2015 batch of DMK1013 Introduction to Business students showed their videos that they did as part of their term project.

The marketing offer is “nasi lemak”  (left) – the one dish that probably represents Malaysia best!
For non-Malaysians who may not be familiar with this meal – the simple version is just coconut-flavored rice, served with sambal, fried crispy anchovies, toasted peanuts and cucumber.
My heartfelt appreciation to the four individuals who took time off to be with me and sit on my judging panel. Thank you, Annyza Tumar (English Department, Sunway University);  Chrristine Ngiam (Karya Infiniti); Kenneth Lee (Dreamland Corporation); and Evelyn Toh (SUBS, Sunway University)!

Not only did they sit through all nineteen videos but made the selection of the Top 6 videos as featured below:

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