Thursday, October 8, 2015

Malaysian Royals Express Concern Over 1MDB

Malaysia’s nine state sultans have issued a rare joint statement expressing concern over a corruption scandal swirling around Prime Minister Najib Razak and calling for a swift and transparent investigation.
The statement issued October 06, 2015 adds to mounting pressure on Najib, who is facing strident calls to explain huge missing sums of money at 1MDB as well as nearly $700 million in mysterious transfers to his personal bank accounts. The Sultans had called for stalled Malaysian investigations to be resurrected and “appropriate stern action” taken.
“The findings of the investigation must be reported comprehensively and in a transparent manner so that the people will be convinced of the sincerity of the government, which shall not at all conceal facts and the truth,” the official Bernama news agency quoted the royal statement as saying.
It is plainly obvious that Najib has lost the confidence of the Malay rulers – and this is something even he can no longer ignore since the latter have never spoken so specifically on a matter of government as they have now.
A well-placed source had allegedly told Asia Sentinel that a plea had been made to the Sultans to ask them to demand that Najib step aside. Some were said to be in favor of doing so but there were those who were against. The latter led by the Sultan of Pahang, had balked, meaning they are divided over Najib’s fate.
The hereditary rulers firmly on Najib’s side, in addition to Pahang, are said to be Kedah and Terengganu. The result was the statement delivered Tuesday.
It is of grave concern that domestic investigations have ceased since August after Najib replaced his attorney general and others scrutinizing the affair – although probes into alleged money flows across the globe have reportedly been launched by authorities in the United States, Switzerland, Singapore and elsewhere.
Malaysians want Najib to be held accountable. And soon before the country goes down the drain.
I was at KL Sentral on Tuesday evening to attend the Allianz Toastmasters meeting at their brand-new office at Menara Allianz Sentral (or Nu Tower 1). I was both Humor Master as well as the Evaluator for a CC #9 speech. Overall, an enjoyable meeting as always!


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