Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Johor Crown Prince Gives Warning

Listen well, PM Najib Razak!  

In an October 16, 2015 interview with sports website FourthOfficial.com, Johor crown prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim (left) has warned that the state has every right to secede from the country if any of the terms in the agreement between Johor and the Federation of Malaya are breached.
And he made it clear he knew he may be blamed for provoking state-based sentiments, but as he said, his main concern was the people of Johor.
I don’t believe the Najib government will consider Tunku Ismail’s remarks as seditious – he is royalty, after all. But don’t forget that when Sarawakians and Sabahans hinted the idea of secession, they were threatened and silenced.
"I am going to be the future Sultan of this state and my main responsibility is towards the people of Johor. Malaysia is important to me, but Johor and JDT will always come first," he was quoted as saying.
"People deserve to know, that the mess we have in the country right now, should in no way be associated to the Johor royal family…”. Tunku Ismail’s comments echo a similar sentiment expressed by his younger brother in June. Although, the posting on his Instagram account had since been deleted – the “secession” topic is gaining traction, especially on social media.

Pictures of imaginary Johor currencies – the Johor dollar and Johor dinar – have gone viral this month.


Putrajaya can only greet Tunku Ismail’s statement with stunned silence.

With the exception of Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed, that is! He had boldly claimed that the crown prince was talking about football and not discussing the Federal Constitution – at least that is what Sinar Harian is telling us. 
I understood perfectly what Tunku Ismail had said and it doesn’t speak well of the Pulai MP if he is clueless.

Sorry, I shouldn’t even use that word! Clueless. He might not understand. He is plain stupid, if you don't already know! I am trying hard not to make a monkey out of him – why should I take all the credit?
On Monday evening, the KL Advanced Toastmasters Club met in Café Barbera, No. 18, Lorong Maarof in Bangsar, KL and I was there to deliver CC speech #6 titled ‘Precious Teardrops”. It was a speech that could be better organized but it wasn’t bad either. Besides, I was voted Best Project Speaker.
We had a good attendance. The meeting didn’t commence on time though – we were five minutes late and we finished at ten o’clock. We should be more time-conscious. I would give it a 4 over 10 score.


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