Saturday, October 17, 2015

23% of Malaysians Satisfied with PM Najib Razak

I sincerely hope PM Najib Razak (left) reads this!
The results of a national poll conducted by Merdeka Center in August 2015 were presented to financial sector analysts last week. And we learned that Malaysian voters overwhelmingly disapprove of the Najib government. The overall satisfaction level with Putrajaya stood at only 23% – a double-digit drop from January’s 38%.

Support from the Malay vote bank plunged from 52% to just 31%. The Chinese community too expressed their dissatisfaction, registering only a 5% approval against 11% in January. The Indians weren't mentioned presumably because they were too busy fighting each other to worry about Najib.
The independent pollster said their research also showed an even higher majority were disappointed with the government's handling of the economy, with only 17% expressing their approval.
For sure, Malaysia is going downhill. We all know it – only the government are in self-denial.
On Thursday, I was in KL Sentral at the invitation of Zahir Ahmad. It was the Service Rocket Toastmasters meeting and I took up two roles, i.e. Table Topics Evaluator and General Evaluator.

Today, Celtic returned to the top of the Scottish Premiership with a slim 1-0 victory over Motherwell. Nadir Ciftci scored in the fifteenth minute for the former but the champions failed to add the goals their dominance deserved.

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