Friday, September 18, 2015

Who Picks the Tab?

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The Red Shirt rally was generously described as a mammoth success. In fact, if you listened to the merry band of simpletons, you would be impressed by the sheer numbers that supposedly assembled at Padang Merbok in Kuala Lumpur on September 16, 2015! Unless you were there and you had a clear head because you could still count properly. And I will not be surprised if you turn crimson with embarrassment at the inflated numbers cited.
A spokesperson for UMNO headquarters put the number of rally-goers at 150,000; UMNO Selangor Chief Noh Omar claimed it was 200,000; Ketereh MP Annuar Musa insisted it was 250,000; Pesaka said the same thing, i.e. 250,000; and the Armed Forces Veteran’s Association’s Ali Baharom gave an even higher figure of 500,000.
The bottomline was that the numbers at the Red Shirt rally was one zero less than the grand total of Yellow Shirts at Bersih 4.0 during the Merdeka weekend – not to mention, gatherings in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and 70 cities worldwide.
The rally was about unleashing unhinged fury at both Bersih and the Chinese by squads of seriously stupid suckers who had been seduced, scammed and strung along by UMNO to defend PM Najib Razak in the name of Malay unity.
It was schemed by two shady characters, army veteran head Mohd Ali Baharom (better known as Ali Tinju or Boxer Ali) together with the opportunistic UMNO businessperson Jamal Yunos, who is the party’s Sungai Besar, Selangor Division Chief. Ali Tinju (left pic on the left) and Jamal Yunos (left pic on the right) are the people behind the Red Shirt rally.
Both have close associations socially and politically with Najib and are known amongst insiders to be foxy operators, who have developed a flourishing business in corraling crowds to support the Prime Minister. This time, they rounded up UMNO members, Mat Rempits, Felda settlers and a motley group of street persons.
It is a well-known practice that rent-a-crowds are traditionally paid for by UMNO which have deep pockets.
Jamal Yunos (shamelessly wearing a I Love PM T-shirt) up close with PM Najib Razak. Image credit:
Co-organizer Ali Tinju bows to his boss’s wife Rosmah – he has by all accounts been handsomely compensated. Image credit:
UMNO insiders alleged that Najib wrote Jamal a cheque for RM3 million to organize the Red Shirts. Whether this is true or not, the fact is that Jamal cannot possibly mobilise thousands of Malays whether from UMNO or other like-minded groups without tacit support from the head honcho in UMNO.
Sarawak Report informed that they had also acquired proof that this supposedly ‘independent’ “NGO’ rally had been closely orchestrated and paid for by the Prime Minister himself, in order to display a ‘similar’ show of apparent street support as the Bersih rallies. The idea is to get big numbers of Malays to flood the capital city to prove popular participation at the Red Shirt rally that hopefully, could buttress Najib’s precarious position as PM.
This man’s ego is bigger than the total number of loudmouths in UMNO and there are many of them in the party. It is not the dignity of the Malays that is being challenged but rather Najib’s dignity. And even Rosmah Mansor couldn’t and won’t tolerate it!
Simply put, the Red Shirt rally is actually a Save Najib Razak rally! 

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