Sunday, September 20, 2015

The FBI Get Interested in 1MDB Affairs

I had blogged on August 26, 2015 that the Swiss are investigating 1MDB (Read my post titled "1MDB Lasso the Swiss and the Saudis"  – but last week, 1MDB maintained that none of their executives or board members were the subject of criminal proceedings by the Swiss attorney general’s office, and that none of their accounts were frozen there.
Then, it was reported that Hong Kong police are probing deposits allegedly linked to Najib and 1MDB. A Malaysian government had denounced the allegations as "baseless and politically motivated lies".

This was followed by authorities in Singapore freezing accounts linked to 1MDB and began investigating allegations related to the state fund. Again, 1MDB denied this but they said they were ready to assist any inquiries subject to advice from the appropriate Malaysian authorities.
Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US’ Federal Bureau of Investigation have opened an investigation into allegations of money-laundering related to 1MDB, a person familiar with the matter said. However, the scope of the scrutiny wasn’t known.
This is the latest in a series of international investigations related to 1MDB that have been revealed in the past five weeks.

Dark clouds are gathering and a storm is brewing.
That would explain why Khairuddin Abu Hassan (left) – who had relentlessly raised questions about money transfers to PM Najib Razak – was arrested on Friday after being barred from leaving the country.
According to his lawyer Matthias Chang, he was collared on charges of attempting to undermine parliamentary democracy, i.e. Section 124 (C) of the Penal Code.
This is a joke! What has democracy got to do with Najib? And why is Najib “afraid” of Khairuddin?
Ambiga Sreenevasan shared the same sentiment. The former Bar Council president called the six-day remand for sacked Batu Kawan UMNO division vice-chief an abuse of power by Putrajaya, and has turned Malaysia into a global laughing stock.
Khairuddin’s detention – who remained in custody on Saturday – prevented him from traveling to New York where he was reportedly planning to urge US authorities to investigate the said transfers. A spokeswoman for the FBI’s New York office had clarified that nobody in the office had arranged to speak with Khairuddin or had any previous contact with him.
Still, I am sure we can expect new developments soon. Meanwhile, the 1MDB saga continues with no end in sight.
And on Saturday afternoon, I was at the OUM Toastmasters meeting where I delivered an Ice-breaker – this is my twenty-ninth round of a CC #1 speech.

I took up three roles: Assignment speaker, table topics evaluator as well as speech evaluator. This means that attendance was extremely poor. And not only that, the Toastmaster-of-the Day was superlatively clueless.


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