Friday, September 11, 2015


When I was growing up, I was fed on a regular diet of comic book heroes. Batman, Green Arrow, Venom, Spawn, Incredible Hulk and, believe it or not, Groo – these are my favorites.
I don’t have any favorite villains. But today, I have one.
In Malaysia, we all know him too well! Sapuman or his bespectacled alter ego, Najib Razak:

Hong Kong police are investigating bank deposits of more than $250 million allegedly made at a Credit Suisse branch in the city. Credit Suisse of course, declined to comment on the claims.

The Hong Kong investigation was prompted by a report to the authorities by Khairuddin Abu Hassan, a vocal 1MDB critic. The sacked UMNO member had alleged the deposits were made through four companies linked to PM Najib Razak, i.e. Alliance Assets International, Cityfield Enterprises, Bartingale International and Wonder Quest Investment.

The 1MDB is like a plague and it is spreading!

I like this quote:

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