Monday, September 21, 2015

Of Pigs and Cows

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An UMNO leader closely associated with the Red Shirt rally said “Cina gila babi" (mad Chinese pig) is not insulting and there is no reason for the Chinese to get offended. Jamal Md Yunos said there was no malice in the 'pig' label since Chinese consume pork.

He was dismissing the racial slur used by protesters against a Chinese reporter Kow Gah Chie from news portal Malaysiakini who was covering the said rally.
He further argued that the remark was only insulting to the Malays, as Muslims were forbidden from eating pork.
And of course, UMNO’s supreme leader who is unfortunately also our Prime Minister had defended the ‘red shirt’ rally, saying it was not seditious or racist. Is he stupid or what? Or is he very much a racist too?
Does that mean that we shall now refer to Malays as “lembus” (cows) – since they consume beef?
The logic was both ridiculous and retarded but then it came from UMNO. And for your info, I have not even started on the "gila" (mad) taunt yet. 


When it comes to fashion, just about anything goes. But some might feel that one Chinese city has gone too far in its quirky new trend.
Citizens in Chengdu, the capital of south west China's Sichuan province have been spotted sporting quirky antenna hairpins. Many are wearing them because they thought the hairpins made them look cute.
From afar, it looks like a plant has germinated from the top of a person's head. Upon closer inspection, it looks more like an antenna.

At least one hundred different designs are available for the unusual hair accessories, which are worn by the young and old, reported People's Daily Online. Many of the hairpins are different varieties of plastic flowers.
Vendors sell them for just 5 Yuan (50p) and they can also be found online for as little as 0.3 Yuan (3p).
In the Scottish Premiership match yesterday, Celtic trounced hapless Dundee 6-0. The avalanche of goals came from Tomas Rogic (14), Leigh Griffiths (16), Emilio Izaguirre (54, 61), Scott Brown (87) and Nadir Ciftci (87).

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