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The Ghost of Altantuya Shaariibuu Still Haunts Najib Razak

I am sure Prime Minister Najib Razak gave the instruction to have Al-Jazeera journalist Mary Ann Jolley deported on June 14, 2015. No reasons were given but it doesn’t take a genius to know that her revelations on the shocking slaughter of Altantuya Shaariibuu had precipitated it.
The Australian said “I was told I had broken no laws, but that I was on a ‘bad’ list.”
Altantuya may have been murdered in October 2006 and the body blown up with military-grade explosives – but nearly nine years later, she continued to haunt Najib. 

The 25-minute long documentary on this heinous homicide was aired on the world news channel Al Jazeera’s 101 East show on Friday. This program had (1) implicated Abdul Razak Baginda, Najib’s political adviser (first pic) – he had been charged with abetting in Altantuya’s murder, but was later acquitted – and (2) questioned whether the two men eventually convicted of her murder – Sirul Azhar Umar and Azilah Hadri (second pic) – were the “fall guys”, suggesting a high-level cover up that entangles even Najib Razak.
The riveting report had produced shocking new evidence:
That Najib was being blackmailed for 'millions of dollars' by Sirul Azhar Umar, one of the two bodyguards convicted of killing Altantuya. A text message on Sirul’s mobile showed: “I want 15 million and I won’t return to Malaysia ever. I won’t bring down the PM”.
That Sirul confided to an unidentified Australian relative that the person who had shot Altantuya was none other than Razak Baginda, the former boyfriend, whom she had been trying to blackmail to the tune of $500,000 being the commission for the Scorpene submarine deal with France.
Also it was revealed that Razak Baginda declined to participate in the Al-Jazeera program and he didn't deny Sirul's relative's account when it was put to him.
The absorbing account also confirmed:
That there was testimony by the key witness Balasubramaniam that it was Najib Razak who had originally been the lover of Altantuya and that he had passed her over to Baginda during the course of the Scorpene deal.
That Bala was threatened by military intelligence into retracting his first statutory declaration which implicated Najib Razak, in exchange for RM5 million and to temporarily “disappear” out of the country, until the then Deputy PM Najib officially became prime minister.
Of course, the PMO rushed to denounce the video, claiming "the allegations are entirely false smears motivated by political gain". And Putrajaya repeated the standard Najib response – that he never knew, met or communicated with the Mongolian model.
So many dirty allegations, from corruption to money laundering to murder, are pointing to one man – the villainous Najib Razak. What is making the Altantuya story explosive now is the platform that is baring them all. You need a respectable international media to yield maximum impact.
And the world sits up and waits with bated breath!


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