Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fixing Faces

Apple CEO Tim Cook and the iPad Pro. Credit: EPA/Monica Davey/Landov
Image: Apple
At the Apple Keynote Event on Wednesday, Apple introduced brand-new gadgets including the iPad Pro, iPhone 6S, and Apple Pencil. Not only that – a digital model was featured. And apparently Apple took issue with her neutral face.
And so, designer Eric Snowden came on stage to demonstrate the capabilities of Photoshop on the iPad Pro. While the new piece of technology was impressive, there was one issue with Snowden's presentation – he made a point to edit the model's mouth just so she looked like she was smiling.
He essentially “fixed” her face, a writer at Bustle pointed out.
Methinks, it is creepy Why this fixation with a smiling face? Why should anybody be expected to look happy all the time? Why can’t we be ourselves?
Last year, the company was criticized for unveiling a health app that tracks almost every bodily function -- except menstruation. It took Apple almost a year to update the app.

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