Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Effigy-Burning in Kota Baru

Screenshot from YouTube, September 14, 2015

In Kelantan, on Sunday night, Kota Baru UMNO divisional chief (and formerly Najib Razak’s political secretary) Mohamad Fatmi Che Salleh (left) spat out a fiery speech in front of an assembly of UMNO bubbleheads, urging party members to participate in the September 16 rally to “uphold the dignity of Malays”.

And then they burned the effigies of two “evil” (Fatmi’s description) doers, i.e. DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng both were clad in Bersih 4.0 tees.

Also, a mock altar with the photographs of the two leaders was set up, complete with joss sticks and fruit offerings, symbolizing the Chinese custom of worshiping ancestors.

Fatmi said the act of burning their effigies is a symbol of their protest because UMNO are against everything about Bersih. (That we know because the UMNO of today cannot win the general election if they start to play fair). Fatmi also criticized the two DAP leaders and organizers of Bersih 4.0, who he added were out to break up the Malay race.

From here, I can only surmise that UMNO are clearly afraid of both DAP and Bersih! These two institutions – and I am sure there are others also – threaten the very existence of UMNO.

The younger Lim responded yesterday that having his effigy burned is nothing new to him and if they "enjoyed" doing it, they can carry on doing it. But he added: "…don't burn down the country also". Well-said, Lim Guan Eng!

On Monday, I was at the Subang Jaya Medical Center in Jalan SS12/1A, Subang Jaya, to deliver a CC speech #10 titled “Breakthroughs”. My evaluator was Ler Kiat See. And of course, I was voted Best Assignment Speaker.


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