Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Red-and-Black Day

The Red Shirt rally which we have been reminded often times that it is an anti-Bersih, anti-Chinese and pro-Najib Razak protest is morphing into a rally for Malaysian unity, supposedly! They think Malaysians are stupid!

After all the fire and brimstone, UMNO’s loony prophet of angry rhetoric, Jamal Md Yusof (left) had allegedly handed over the mantle of leadership for this rally to another Malay-centric entity, Pesaka (National Federation of Silat Associations) – and who now say their members will come out dressed in black.
Why would Pesaka, a body registered under the Sports Development Act 1997 be organizing a political event?
As Minister for Youth and Sports, Khairy Jamaluddin said “The objective of the red shirt rally has been changing day to day”. Even he is not too sure what the rally’s objectives are.
But don’t be fooled by this because it is still an UMNO event. UMNO’s fingerprints are all over this Malay-centered project.
Didn’t UMNO headquarters issue a notice to their divisions to mobilize members to attend the “red shirt” rally? After all, the letter was signed by UMNO executive secretary Ab Rauf Yusof.

Why don’t UMNO come out and say they are the initiator and mastermind behind the Red Shirt rally? Maybe they don’t have to since it is pretty much obvious that this is UMNO’s handiwork, directly or indirectly.  

Anyway, Pesaka president, Ali Mohd Rustam (left) who is also UMNO, in case you didn’t know – said yesterday as the organizer of the rally, they won’t be responsible if there’s trouble. His statement ran contrary to the requirements of the notice of the Peaceful Assembly Act which required the organizer to be accountable for any untoward incident – but he doesn’t give a damn, does he?
Already, The Sun newspaper has reported today that DBKL, the Police and even Barisan Nasional have given the thumbs-up to the September 16 rally (page 04).
We can expect Kuala Lumpur to be drowned in a tsunami of red and black. Except for these Malay warriors, the city will be deserted. I think even the tourists will stay indoors tomorrow. 
I wonder if this help explain why the country is shrouded in thick blankets of haze. God has sent us the haze to camouflage the competing colors of red and black on September 16, lest we succumb to epileptic fits because of the brazen clash of loud colors.
Is the day meant for Malaysians to celebrate Malaysia Day or is it to champion the Malay cause, whatever that is? I would like to suggest that we re-name this day as “Hari Melayu Bangkit” (Malay Renaissance Day) instead since they are very proud of themselves and they want to shout themselves hoarse about their "greatness".
After all, if some sections of the community feel so vulnerable and endangered that they are compelled to make their presence felt – and I am really trying hard to understand this even though Malays make up the majority of the population in the country. They want to marshal hundreds of thousands to congregate in the capital city because they believe there is strength in numbers – it is as simple as that.
These Malays need one day to tell the whole country they are in charge. Even if they are already in charge. Malays rule, ok? As if non-Malays dare to dispute this.

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