Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Big Spenders

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Sarawak Report just loves to put the spotlight on Najib Razak. This time, the website identifies him as a big spender. 
In one month alone, the prime minister had allegedly splashed over $1 million on his credit cards. The bills were run up on two cards Najib was using in August 2014 – a CIMB-issued Visa that spent RM500,000 and a Maybank-issued MasterCard that swiped a whopping RM2.8 million. I tried to think of it in terms of the number of Birkin bags or diamond rings but my impoverished mind couldn't compute. 
The above took place in Europe when Najib was on a summer holiday. Without a doubt, Rosmah Mansor was with him. After all, the pair is inseparable.
This disclosure about the couple’s lavish spending comes after Malaysians were left wondering why Najib had transferred $650 million out of the country, from money which he had previously explained, was a donation to UMNO.
Najib and Rosmah have attracted worldwide scrutiny caused by their conspicuous extravagance. When Rosmah spent Christmas with son Riza Aziz in 2013 in the US of A, the bill for a week’s stay at the Hotel Bel-Air, Beverly Hills was reportedly over $300,000.
Of course, we know too well about their other massive spending, including the millions spent this year on the couple’s extended wedding celebrations for their daughter.

The green-eyed monster has reared its head. Of course, I am envious and I am, sure as hell, not going to deny it. I am only human.
It cannot be a coincidence that today, blogger Sakmongkol AK47 has this on his blog:
This afternoon, I was at the Gamuda Toastmasters meeting.  My two colleagues, Chong Soon Meng and Dr. Derek Ong went along.
There, I did a 20-minute presentation on "Humorous Speech Crafting" and I also evaluated two speakers  one a CC#6 and the other, a CC#10.

Indeed, a good meeting and we saw thirty-four Gamuda staffers in attendance. I would score this meeting a 7 over 10.  

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