Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Parody Rap Against Unilever

One way to protest irresponsible environmental practices is by using the medium of rap music.
In India, corporate giant Hindustan Unilever found themselves pitted against an unlikely opponent last week: a YouTube video titled Kodaikanal Won't, modelled on Nicki Minaj's hit song Anaconda.
The video called out the company for allegedly dumping toxic mercury in the soil and the water in Kodaikanal, a city in southern India in 2001. Fourteen years later, Unilever have still done nothing to clean up the contamination and compensate their workers and families. But forty-five people have died and more than five hundred people were adversely affected.

The song was written and performed by Chennai-born rapper Sofia Ashraf and set to Nicki Minaj's “Anaconda”. 

The video attracted over two million views and the protest rap caught the attention of both local and international media – more so, when Minaj responded on Twitter with a “shout out”.
The company shouldn’t pretend the issue didn’t exist – regretfully, they came out with a lame statement saying that safety is their "number one priority". They even claimed that studies showed there had been "no adverse impact" on Kodaikanal's environment, except in some of the factory premises.
Unilever are in denial. They talk big about corporate social responsibility but you and I know that this is nothing but a big lie!
I should do my part even if I am in Malaysia. Boycott Unilever products – until they (1) express remorse and (2) take remedial action!
On Monday, I was at the Sime Darby Healthcare Toastmasters meeting. Sure, there were only eight of us but we still had a decent meeting. And I delivered CC #9 – my first speech in nearly two weeks! I would score this meeting a 5.5 over 10.


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