Thursday, August 13, 2015

Najib Razak Urinates on UMNO Members

Langkawi Wanita UMNO leader Anina Saaduddin (left) took no prisoners when at the annual general meeting of her wing’s division, she assailed, berated and castigated PM Najib Razak for his “lies”.
She said she spoke up because of her love for UMNO and she was motivated by a desire to protect the party and the UMNO name. Whatever lah and I am wondering if anybody did convey this scorching sentiment to Najib so that he knows how his own party members feel about him.
And a video of that speech – which contained phrases such as "Najib has urinated on 3 million UMNO members" and "Najib should go for treatment" went viral. If you had listened to her delivery, you will know that it was a fiery speech that was full of vitriol, virulence and venom.
Anina is not intending to back down. She maintained she had no choice but to speak so stridently because a softer approach would have fallen on deaf ears, pointing to UMNO deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin – who was stripped of his Cabinet post and shunned by Najib – after he "politely" criticized the prime minister.
UMNO are beginning to break apart – one side is a little smarter and now realizes that Najib has been “effing” them all along and another side who is at his beck and call – the bootlickers, brownnosers and backscratchers.
The fireworks have started but you ain’t seen nothing yet!
On Wednesday, I was in Section 51A in Petaling Jaya to be an Evaluator for a speaker at the Scope Toastmasters meeting. A fun function. More so it was a lunchtime event and it managed to draw an attendance of eighteen staffers and two guests. 


And later, I was in the AIA agency office in Cap Square Tower in KL’s Jalan Munshi Abdullah to attend the AIA Capsquare Toastmasters meeting. Here, I was the General Evaluator. I noted that members are still learning the ropes and more importantly, they are ready and willing to learn.

Both were good meetings. Moreover, time-keeping was keenly observed and that made me happy! Yay-y-y-y!

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