Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Sovereign State of Johor

Another member of the Johor royal family has joined in the fray.
According to the Malay Mail and Malaysiakini, an image of a document purportedly detailing the agreement which led to the state becoming a part of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu was uploaded on Sunday – a day after Crown Prince Tunku Ismail, came under fire from Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz.
Following media reports on the posting on Wednesday, the Instagram post was taken down with nary an explanation. And then it was re-posted!
Younger brother Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim issued a reminder that the Johor government had joined the Malay federation in 1946 subject to conditions.
Among the terms listed included making Islam the religion of the state, the state’s absolute right over water and land issues, and the state royal house to have its own armed forces (“Askar Timbalan Setia Negeri”).
Pertaining to this post, read what you will and make your own inferences, but one point stands out: Johor was an independent and sovereign state. 
“If any of these conditions are violated, then Johor will be out of Malaysia,” Tunku Idris seemed to suggest on his Instagram account @tunku_idris. At least that was what I understood.
In fact, on the Johor football team's Facebook page (above pix), Tunku Ismail – who is first in line to succeed his father as the next Sultan – in his remarks addressed to Malaysians, had a strong statement that said "there will come a time, when the Johorean people must decide what is best for us and our future generations” and even referring to a “Bangsa Johor”.
Najib Razak and his minions have opened up a Pandora’s box.

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