Sunday, June 7, 2015

Najib Razak, the Chicken

On Friday, law-based NGO SukaGuam organized 'Nothing2Hide', a public forum at KL’s Putra World Trade Center with the objective of giving Prime Minister Najib Razak a platform to clear the air and answer questions about 1MDB.
Najib was of course, looking forward to attend because as usual, he was well-prepared with his worn-out text which we all know, give Malaysians the same stinking bullshit about 1MDB. Why even the Q&A would be scripted. But at least there would be no tough questions to embarrass him.
Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was also invited by the organizers but he had been expected to decline – instead, he sprung an eleventh hour surprise. He turned up.
And then the IGP tweeted to cancel the event citing "public order and national harmony". That gave Najib the perfect excuse not to turn up.
In a dramatic turn of events, Mahathir took control of the forum that was intended to feature the Prime Minister when the latter failed to show up as promised. He was ten minutes into his speech when uniformed police officers went up to the stage and stopped him from speaking. The latter even switched off the microphone and turned off the video.
Mahathir was escorted out and the one thousand odd people who were the audience let out a cacophony of boos at the police.
Who could ever imagined Mahathir being told to step down from the podium at PWTC on the orders of the IGP? Politics in Malaysia has indeed become a riveting drama.
As for Najib (left), he made his point loud and clear. That he is no Bugis warrior. He is just a caitiff. A craven. A chicken.

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