Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sugar Keeps Roads Accident-Free

Nikolay Grozev, the mayor in Nova Zagora in southeastern Bulgaria was alarmed at the rising number of deadly road accidents in his municipality and last week, he ordered that major roads be sprinkled with 50 kg of sugar.
The initiative is based on an ancient legend according to which dusting roads with sugar will chase away “evil omens”. Bulgarian National Television even showed Grozev, armed with a packet of sugar, powdering a road.

If I am to believe, then I am cleansed daily – a Coke (i.e. sugar water) a day to keep the spirits away!
On Monday, the two certificates from Toastmasters International (photo below) came in the mail. If you notice, both are dated the same day, i.e. April 22, 2015.
They are Competent Communicator awards for my twentieth and twenty-first rounds of the CC manual that I have completed.

A second envelope reached me on Tuesday and it contained another Competent Communicator award dated April 24, 2015  my twenty-second.

I am already working on manuals No. 23, 24, 25 and 26 concurrently and expect to complete them by end August 2015 provided I can get speaking slots.
On Tuesday, I was in KL Sentral to deliver my CC #8 speech titled Stones. And I was the Humor Master too. This was the Allianz Toastmasters Club meeting.


It started three minutes late but otherwise, it was an enjoyable meeting – I would give it a score of a 5 over 10. I suppose I should mention that I was voted Best Speaker – it didn’t come as a surprise because it was a good speech, if I may say so myself.

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