Sunday, June 14, 2015

Najib Razak Does a "Najib" on Sabah

Prime Minister Najib Razak could be excused if he “najibed” the ‘Nothing2Hide’ public forum on June 05, 2015 to be in Sabah – but he wasn’t there either. In fact, not a word from him about the earthquake until five hours later!

And uncaring Najib finally got his ass moving when he turned up in Ranau in Sabah but only on Monday – and that was when he returned from a 3-day trip to Saudi Arabia.

It was not the first time self-centered Najib showed his selfish nature. When floods drown the east coast last year, he was golfing in Hawaii. This time, when the earthquake came to Sabah, he was in Jeddah to launch Felda's D'Saji Restaurant, amongst other activities.


It is really uncanny but Najib has this amazing ability to do a disappearing act whenever there is a tragedy in the country.

Yesterday, national laureate A Samad Said (left) became a DAP member, and quickly brushed off any concerns that membership in an opposition party would affect his status as a national literary figure.

"Totally not afraid," he had said when contacted by The Malaysian Insider.

DAP are truly a Malaysian political party, Samad had also told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

On Saturday, I attended two Toastmasters events – the District Officer’s Training which was held at the OUM Theatrette; and the OUM Toastmasters meeting held just next door to the said theatrette.

At the latter meeting, I took up two roles -- as Table Topics Evaluator and Speech Evaluator for CC speech #8. A smallish meeting but it didn't matter because we had the role players, the speakers and the evaluators. And that was what mattered.

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