Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Langkawi - The Jewel of Kedah

This being my second trip to Pulau Langkawi, I was determined to see a bit more of the island.
On Friday, I took the morning off to check out just three places.
My first stop was Dataran Lang (also known as Eagle Square) and it is one of Langkawi’s best known manmade attractions – a 12-meter tall sculpture of an eagle poised to take flight.

Then, I went to Mahsuri’s Tomb – a mausoleum honouring the memory of Mahsuri, a folk heroine who, some two hundred years ago, withstood brutal torture after being falsely accused of adultery and with her dying breath laid a curse on the island, a curse that supposedly came true.

And of course, a visit to the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park – a must-see place in Langkawi and home to one of the greatest mangrove forests in the world. I took the one-hour boat ride down the winding Kilim River and the view was just awesome. What I liked most was the eagle watching:


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