Monday, May 11, 2015

Defiant Najib Razak Refuses to Quit

Defiant Najib Razak (left) said yesterday he would not bow to pressure and quit as Prime Minister or UMNO president as long as there was support from the people and party members. He maintained his mandate came from the people through a democratic process, from Padang Besar in Perlis to Pulau Sebatik in Tawau, Sabah.
Ptui! What mandate is Najib talking about? Has he forgotten that BN lost the popular vote in GE13?
Who are the people he was referring to? I don’t know. Definitely, not me because I don’t support him at all!
And he became PM only because of UMNO’s backing. And when UMNO waver, Najib had to escape to Sabah in order to seek support there. Sabah BN have openly pledged their support for Najib. These Sabahans never learn, do they? No wonder Najib gushed his gratitude: “I owe Sabah”!
Malaysia is in dire straits because of Najib Razak. The country’s scandals have his fingerprints all over. They become problems that have spiralled out of control. And most of it involves money.

Not only that but he has been dipping his hands in the cookie jar too. Najib, after all, is a big spender. And don’t forget Rosmah Mansor is nearby – she clings to him like chewing gum to a shoe sole.
This is what happens when Najib hand himself the key to our Treasury.
Najib Razak doesn’t want to listen. He is deaf to the calls for him to quit. He’s hard-boiled. And very thick-skinned. He is hell-bent on riding roughshod over everybody just so he can hold on to power!

On Sunday, Celtic stretched their lead at the top to 14 points when they beat Aberdeen 1-0. Scott Brown scored the only goal of the game in the forty-ninth minute. In any case, Ronny Deila's side are already confirmed as Scottish Premiership champions.
On the same day too, EPL champions Chelsea held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw to all but end the Reds' hopes of Champions League qualification. John Terry's header in the fifth minute put the Blues in the lead, but Steven Gerrard equalized when he nodded in at the far post in the forty-fourth minute. A spirited display by Liverpool but not good enough.

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