Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another of Najib Razak's Staged Event in Pekan

Everywhere one goes these days, the talk is that Najib Razak’s resignation is imminent.
And still the Prime Minister is keeping himself very busy! And all for the wrong reasons. He is not preoccupied with the business of governing the country but engaging in dubious activities to stay in power at all costs.

The Malaysian Insider pic by Afif Abd Halim, May 23, 2015
His latest staged show was in Pekan, Pahang – his very own constituency. The excuse was an automotive fair organized by the Malaysia Automotive Industry but Najib decided to be there to show the country he had the rakyat's solid support.
The UMNO division here had taken it upon themselves to use the said event to promote his popularity. The embattled UMNO president must keep up pretenses. So today, local constituents were bussed in by the party. Even Pekan UMNO Youth plastered posters all over and describing it as a "Solidarity 4PM Najib". A decent crowd of about 4,000 but Malaysians elsewhere are not easily fooled.
As if Najib doesn’t know that the real show of support is best demonstrated through the ballot box. He should call for a snap election and see if he can command popular support.
But I can’t believe that Najib is still in self-denial. I am convinced his political career is about to come to an inglorious end. The clock is already ticking... Tik tok tik tok!
I am in Australia today. The original ETA was in the morning but MH149 was re-timed and I reached Melbourne only five hours later. It was a long, long wait at KLIA:


This is my third time to Melbourne. This time around, I stayed at the City Limits Hotel-Studio Apartments in 20-22, Little Bourke Street, which is almost at the doorstep of Chinatown. And today, I was in a 'free and easy' mode.


I decided to check out Southgate, a vibrant dining, shopping and entertainment destination and it was there that I had my first proper meal of the day a venue referred to as “Melbourne’s meeting place” for more than twenty years. It’s called Bluetrain, a café and bar with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Yarra River.

My dinner:

Prawn & Crab Salad, A$18

Oven Baked Snapper Fillet, A$32
And I had a nightcap at Mrs Parma’s – incidentally it is just opposite City Limits. This is Melbourne’s first and only Bar/Bistro specializing in Parmagiana’s and Victorian micro brewery beers. I had two beers – the 2 Brothers ‘Voodoo’ Baltic Porter, an intriguing concoction that blends raisin, stone fruit and nut aromas together with chocolate and roast coffee flavors.




A quiet first day in Melbourne. BTW, the weather was lovely 13 degrees Celsius during the day and 10 degrees Celsius at night. My kind of climate.

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