Tuesday, April 14, 2015

UMNO: All About Money

Few Malaysians were impressed by Najib Razak’s TV3 interview. Nor were they satisfied by his platitudes that were feeble and unconvincing. In fact, Mahathir Mohamad turned the screws even tighter on Najib – he said that the loyalty of UMNO leaders today is dependent on the lure of money.
In an interview with blogger Din Turtle on Thursday and uploaded on Friday, the former prime minister maintained that UMNO and BN are headed for doom.
The straight-talking Mahathir insisted: UMNO are “already broken”. That was the reason why Mahathir wants Najib to resign. As the former said, “…he’s going to cause UMNO to lose in the next election, believe me”.
The UMNO today are all about money, proclaimed Mahathir. Their leaders are loyal because “they get something... contract, the ones who get posts all get money (too)”.
Going by this statement alone, Mahathir had confirmed that UMNO are blighted by cronyism and corruption. He should know – after all he, more or less, introduced the gravy train.
UMNO were warned that they run the risk of being exposed by the opposition, and they could be jailed, if Najib is kept as party president and causes Barisan Nasional to be voted out of office. I believe he was referring to himself too.
UMNO are crooked to the core. This is a party which have been the major player in squandering the country’s wealth, undermining our ethnic and religious unity, debasing the institutions of the state and bringing us closer to authoritarian rule – if we are not already there.
For sure, Pakatan Rakyat are not expected to show mercy. That is why UMNO are so adamant on clinging to power.
Mahathir had spoken. Najib, ignore him at your own peril.
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