Saturday, April 25, 2015

Say Goodbye, Najib Razak

UMNO members have started to speak out. Especially those who have a mind of their own.

One of them is Pulai UMNO division chief Nur Jazlan Mohamad (left) who proclaimed in his blog post on Wednesday that party members must choose one or the other, i.e. between UMNO or Najib Razak – if they wish to survive the next general election. And to make his point even clearer, he said: “…it can’t be both and a choice must be made immediately”.
The fact that he said the above already put him on a collision course with Najib. And the latter’s avowed supporters and backers – I call them a gaggle of noisy geese – will probably squirm, fret and agonize.
Nur Jazlan was being honest – maybe, too honest for his own good – but I believe he did the right thing when he gave that 'advice'. Don't we know about the  Chinese proverb that says “The fish rots from the head”?
In addition, there are Facebook pages that are openly calling for Najib’s resignation – and each has collected thousands of “likes”. One Facebook page LetakJawatan (which means “step down” in Malay) was created just one month ago, but has already garnered 104,621 “likes” as at 10:30 PM today.
Nearly every post on this particular page has over 100 to 1000 “likes”, with users generally agreeing in the comments section or writing on the page itself that the country was in bad shape and Najib must go.
And those who liked the page are aged 20 to 35 years, according to the Facebook statistics, and the page administrator said they are “the voters who decide who will rule the country”.
LetakJawatan joins the ranks of older pages such as 100,000 People Request Najib Tun Razak Resignation, which has already garnered 242,961 “likes” (as at 10:33 PM today); and 1 Juta Rakyat Mahukan Najib Razak Letak Jawatan (1 million citizens want Najib Razak to step down), which collected 18,985 "likes" (as at 10:35 PM today), among others.
I believe Najib’s time is almost up and he should be getting ready to say Goodbye.

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