Saturday, March 21, 2015

KPMG Helped Cook the 1MDB Books

Sarawak Report has uncovered proof, which indicates the supposedly independent auditors KPMG helped ‘cook the books’ at 1MDB, while auditing the fund’s initial accounts for the period ending March 2010.

DAP’s Tony Pua having reviewed this evidence, demanded an immediate investigation, which should include detailed questioning of the KPMG partner who signed off on those accounts, Ahmad Nasri Abdul Wahab (left). 

[Note:The other person who signed off the accounts was the 1MDB Chief Executive at that time, Shahrol Halmi, who swore that all the details were correct, a claim which the evidence plainly now shows to be false].

The damning information showed unacceptable and unethical practices that included actively conspiring to back date documents referred to in the audit report, as well as intervening to retrospectively alter agreements, which had been previously signed by 1MDB. Shame on KPMG!

1MDB is about to reach the end of the road. And Najib Razak will have to pick up the broken shards of his creation and in the process, he will surely cut himself badly.

On Thursday afternoon, I was on Level 18, Wisma One Mont' Kiara in KL’s Mont' Kiara to attend the Ireka Toastmasters meeting and take on the role of General Evaluator. 

I don’t often go to their meetings but when I do, I really enjoyed these meetings because they are often overflowing with infectious enthusiasm.

That day was no different and they even started on time and ended on time. I would happily give the meeting a score of a 7.5 over 10.

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