Monday, March 9, 2015

Gender Pay Gap: A Parody

Comedian Paul Gale (previously) has created a parody of the Amazon Prime service with “Amazon Prime for Women,” a short but amusing and highly topical parody that directly addresses the gender pay gap.
Mind you, it is not frivolous stuff because he also followed up with data from the American Association of University Women regarding the gender pay gap.
According to the American Association of University Women, white women take home 78% of white men’s earnings, Black women earn 64%, and Hispanic women earn 54%. Though there are many factors at play, these drastic differences illustrate that, even with those factors taken into account, a real gap does exist.

I am thinking – what about university lecturers? Especially in Malaysia. We are paid 50% of what we actually deserve! Shouldn’t we address this career pay gap too?
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An upcoming event Taman Indrahana 30th Anniversary Celebration and Officer Installation Dinner 2015:


On Saturday morning, I was on Level 21 at the Bankers Club, Amoda Building in KL’s Jalan Imbi – I was an Evaluator at the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting. A good meeting and we actually started on time! Wow! A 7 over 10 score for this particular meeting! Special thanks to Ann Wong for the home-made and vegetarian 'lou sang' it was a real treat!


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