Wednesday, February 18, 2015

True Grit

The Lunar New Year is almost upon us and the signs are everywhere – here are some pictures I captured:


On Sunday, Kenyan athlete 29-year old Hyvon Ngetich was leading the Austin Marathon in Texas, USA when her body began to break down. With two-tenths of a mile to go, she collapsed.
Unable to walk, much less run, Ngetich was offered a wheelchair by medical staff. But Ngetich declined and began to crawl on all fours, finishing third in the race.
Austin Marathon race director John Conley, who increased Ngetich’s prize money to that of a second-place finisher, called Ngetich “the toughest person on the planet.”
"You ran the bravest race and crawled the bravest crawl I have ever seen in my life,” he told her. “You have earned much honor.”
True grit.

On Monday, I participated in the KL Advanced International Speech & Table Topics contests – club level – and I didn’t do well in the former and only coming in third place. I fared much better in the latter contest where I emerged victorious. Oh well, I guess I can’t win them all.

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