Monday, February 23, 2015

Malaysian Education is World Class Because Foreign Students Study Here

Our ministers talk mostly crap because their brain cells die immediately the day they embrace BN politics. There is something about BN that I cannot put my finger on – but they have this amazing capacity to turn people into dunces.
Take the example of Second Education Minister Idris Jusoh who courageously claimed that Malaysia's higher education is now on par with those of developed nations including the UK, Germany and Australia – and this was proven by the fact that 135,000 foreign students made up 10% of students at national higher educational institutions in the country.
Wow! This outrageous logic is making my eyes roll upward, my jaw drop, my facial hairs stand upright like porcupine quills and my face turn crimson with embarrassment. It’s not easy to have all these happen synchronously – but they did! That reflects how scandalously stupid Idris (left) is when he portrays himself to the world by making a shocking statement on Saturday!
I am not even wanting to look at the THE World University Rankings 2014-2015 list (Please feel free to check it out for yourself at webpage – which claims to produce the only international university performance tables to judge world class universities across all of their core missions – teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. I certainly do not expect to find any Malaysian universities that are qualified to occupy any position in the Top 400 list.
Admittedly, I was less ambitious – and so I examined THE Asia University Rankings 2014 top 100. (Webpage I can confirm here that NOT a single Malaysian university even made it to the list too.
And if you care to check out the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2014 (published by the Center for World-Class Universities, Graduate School of Education of China’s Shanghai Jiao Tong University) – at this webpage again, NO Malaysian university is in the Top 300.
Or the QS World University Rankings 2014 (Webpage – again, NO Malaysian university made it to the Top 150.
As DAP’s Ong Kian Ming responded: "By this reasoning, this means that if we have a larger percentage of foreign students in our universities, our education standard has exceeded that of the UK and Australia."  Idris must be a real fool to be still emphasizing on quantity instead of quality!
Worse, Idris is doing a great disservice to local universities by "unfairly" comparing them to well-established universities in developed countries as they had a longer history, higher per student funding, more entrenched research infrastructure and of course, institutional autonomy. All these are key elements that enable universities to best respond to a fast-changing world.
Idris the idiot – what can Malaysians expect from a BN minister?

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