Thursday, February 12, 2015

Justice Bao in Malaysia

Zul Fahmi Bahrudin, supposedly a scholar (or that is what he claims to be) with the ArusBaru Research Institute – a part of ISMA – has taken offence a– he t the display of portraits of Justice Bao, during Tuesday’s demonstration in support of Anwar Ibrahim. These pictures of him imply that judges in this country, specifically the Malay judges who convicted Anwar Ibrahim, are corrupt and bereft of credibility – at least that is Zul Fahmi's interpretation. 

[Note: Nicknamed Justice Bao (包青天), Bao Zheng (left) is well-known as a symbol of justice in ancient China’s Song Dynasty].
It would seem that these days, everything under the sun can be insulting to the Malays. And according to a report in ISMAWeb, Zul Fahmi said those who held up the said posters had been used as pawns to promote Chinese superiority.
Why must it always be about race? When someone upholds justice, does it matter what race he is? Only a bigot will find it derogative. Zul Fahmi's small mind cannot even begin to comprehend that Justice Bao is more than a cultural icon of the Chinese. He represents an intolerance toward injustice and corruption. Maybe, that is why he found the latter objectionable!
It is a great feeling to have Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 in this thrilling EPL match at Anfield on Tuesday. Lazar Markovic presented the former with their first goal in the fifteenth minute but Harry Kane was on the mark to swiftly equalize for Spurs in the twenty-sixth minute. Steven Gerrard's penalty in the fifty-third minute restored Liverpool's lead but Spurs again thwarted the Reds when Mousa Dembele levelled in the sixty-first minute. Then Mario Balotelli's goal in the eighty-third minute – his first Premier League goal – gave the Reds an important victory in the fight for the top-four place.

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