Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DPM Offer to Anwar Ibrahim

PKR’s Nurul Izzah revealed in Penang on Sunday that Anwar Ibrahim was offered the position of deputy prime minister to join the BN federal government after GE13. 

The offer was made by none other than Najib Razak (left) during the UMNO-PKR post-election reconciliatory talks to form a unity government in 2013.

However, she said her father rejected the offer when it was conditioned that Anwar’s PKR must ditch their allies – DAP and PAS, and leave Pakatan Rakyat.

Today, PKR secretary-general Rafizi Ramli confirmed that Indonesian vice-president Muhammad Jusuf Kalla was the intermediary and that Anwar was not only being enticed with the position of deputy prime minister but four ministerial posts were also offered. 

Of course, Anwar had insisted that any national reconciliation must include DAP and PAS as it was PR that won 52% of the votes. But then Najib couldn’t agree.

Methinks, this Najib offer is just a mischievous plot to break up PR. Najib may have made the offer but I do not believe he could deliver it. 

The rakyat should have been informed – after all, we are the ones solidly backing PR. Why bring it up now?

The Islamic State cannot claim to promote Islam – their members are cold-blooded killers. Murderers. Psychopaths.

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Anonymous said...

Religion is meant to be practiced to promote peace and harmony. It is sad to see all these people in power using the religion and race card to destroy harmony instead. Hmm, where is our country's leadership heading to? We can only hope that God shows them the way back to the light.