Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Afghan War Rugs

Afghanistan is well-known for their rugs and carpets. It is also a country in turmoil.
It is a sad reflection of the state of the country when weavers began abandoning traditional designs – and instead incorporated contemporary images of war into their hand-woven floor-covering textile.
Since 1979 especially, the country had been transformed into one massive battlefield and the all-too-familiar tell-tale symbols of war such as helicopters, tanks, hand grenades, and even predator drones have begun to feature in the intricate designs.
Online business has been curating some of the best examples from the region since the mid-1990s, with prices ranging from $300 up to a couple of thousands – as shown below:


Photos: Kevin Sudeith/
Even rugs depicting the attacks on the World Trade Center are high in demand in the US of all places. Image credit:
A classic example of art portraying real life.
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