Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Silent Disco

Clubbing has become a lot quieter. And it is gaining fans very fast. The silent disco is here!
At silent discos, partygoers don headphones and dance noiselessly to the music they are listening to. Thanks to the headphones, there is no thudding bassline to shout over – those who are not dancing can talk, laugh and clink glasses as if they were in their own home.
The silent disco concept actually dates back to 2002, led by Dutch producer, DJ and performer Nico Okkerse. He says he was the first person to run an event and call it a silent disco and now runs [It seems that he was not allowed to trademark the name and said the global popularity of the concept "did not make me rich"].
The article that I read talked about London's Shard -- the iconic glass and steel spike which at some 310 meters (1,000 feet) provide breathtaking views across central London -- hosting a silent disco. Dancers could choose their soundtrack from three different channels. Their headphones lit up red, blue or green to show others which one they were listening to.
If the music is muted except for those with the headphones, there is no reason why we cannot organize these events in public spaces.
Anyway, it is a matter of time before this concept makes its way to Malaysia.
Malaysia moved into the semi-finals of the 2014 Women's World Team Championship held in Canada. In a quarter-finals match on Thursday, the national squash side defeated France 2-0.
Low Wee Wern gave Malaysia a perfect start by edging out Coline Aumard 11-4, 11-8 and 11-9 in 41 minutes before Nicol wrapped up the match by beating world number six Camille Serme 11-6, 11-9 and 13-11 in 45 minutes
For the record, Malaysia's best achievement in the championship is third placing in the past four editions – 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.
Malaysia meets Egypt in the semi-finals.

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