Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa Spotted in Montreux, Switzerland

Picture: EPA

If you still doubt Santa, here’s him waving to the crowd from his flying sleigh drawn by reindeer over the Geneva Lake and in front of the Swiss and French alps at sunset during the twentieth edition of the Christmas Market in Montreux, Switzerland.

In Malaysia, torrential rains have brought floods. Already, the flood situation worsened in five states, i.e. Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak and Perlis, forcing 90,250 people to be evacuated from their rain-drenched homes.
Of course, the Prime Minister is not around and this is not surprising! In fact, absentee Najib Razak is having his Christmas break in Hawaii, USA.
And guess who was also there having his Christmas holiday? None other than US President Barack Obama!


Reuters pic, December 25, 2014
The Washington Post had run a story that Obama was with Najib – part of the "First Foursome" who played golf with the president at the Clippers Golf course on the Marine Corps base in Kanahoe Bay on Christmas Eve.
Najib's Facebook page was of course, drowned in messages, including calls for him to return and lead the flood relief operations. 
According to Bernama, the Finance Ministry has approved an immediate allocation of RM50 million for flood-hit states, said Second Finance Minister Husni Hanadzlah.

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