Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ipoh Mural with Chin Peng-lookalike

Malaysia's Sinar Harian reported yesterday that the Ipoh City Council (MBI) are intending to repaint a mural depicting an old Chinese man sipping coffee at the centre of the town after the mural was accused of having a resemblance to the late communist leader Chin Peng.
Just because there had been some complaints, the city council in this instance become extremely efficient. I am sure Malaysians can guess who these people are!
MBI, according to this news report, would discuss with Ernest Zacherevic, who painted the mural, to “change the picture”. Isn’t this getting to be just plain ridiculous? Absurdly laughable? Ludicrous even?
I don’t know why a wall painting of a Chinese can cause unhappiness? I suppose if the man depicted in the mural is given a kopiah – he will be transformed into a Malay and those zealots will then shut up! But I wonder why must we be ever so ready to listen to them?

I am now scratching my head. I can’t see any resemblance at all to Chin Peng (left)! After all these years, he is still the bogeyman.
If you ask me, he looks more like Najib Razak (right) if you remove the glasses! Or maybe not.

You can judge for yourself – I am showing you photos of the two personalities.
I am amazed that these Malays can see things that aren’t there. Maybe they had taken ketamine and they are having hallucinations. Can MBI please make a police report and have them tested for drug abuse?
Yesterday, I was at the Money Mastery and PJ Bilingual joint Toastmasters meeting in Petaling Jaya. I evaluated an Advanced speech from the Public Relations manual. And I was voted Best Evaluator.
A good meeting actually – and they even started on time but they finished thirty-three minutes behind schedule. It is great to know we were punctual but can we also finish on schedule? I would score this meeting a 4 over 10.


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