Friday, December 5, 2014

6,070 Reported Ebola Deaths


REUTERS/ James Giahyue
The WHO Situation Report as at December 03, 2014 stated that there have been 17,145 reported cases of Ebola virus disease, with 6,070 reported deaths. Case incidence is slightly increasing in Guinea, stable or declining in Liberia, and may still be increasing in Sierra Leone.
I think the worst is over. Except for Sierra Leone. 
On Thursday, Anwar Ibrahim learnt that the Seri Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (SSSA) award given by the Selangor palace in 1992 has been revoked. The royal award bestows the title "Datuk Seri". So what?
Anyway, Anwar still possesses a small collection of similar awards from other royal households.
I was in Semenyih, Selangor on Wednesday and as a member of a band of Toastmasters who participated in the demo meeting at the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. Interestingly, there were three MIMKL Toastmasters in that team – Dr Arthur Robinson, Pauline Sek and I.
The meeting started a little late but when it finally took off – it went really well. I could see there was a lot of energy, enthusiasm and exuberance. We can all expect a Toastmasters club to be chartered very soon. The hard work in putting together this meeting should be credited to two young Toastmasters, Alireza Parpaei and Lhavanya DL.
I took up the role of Table Topics evaluator and boy oh boy, this job was really demanding because I had only six minutes to evaluate 9 speakers. Still, I pulled it off admirably and I had fun too.


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