Friday, November 7, 2014

The Ebola Yo-yo

Photo: James Giahyue/Reuters

The World Health Organization are making Ebola death statistics bounce like a yo-yo.
As at November 02, 2014, they put the total death toll from Ebola at 4,818. Two days earlier, they logged 4,951 deaths. Does this mean that one hundred and thirty-three people who were ‘dead’ on Friday decided to come back to life on Sunday?
And just to confuse us even more, they repeated the warning that the numbers continued to be too low because of under-reporting!
Go figure it out yourself!
Yesterday, Sunway University Toastmasters came together for their bi-monthly Toastmasters meeting. And it had a Halloween theme.
The semester is in full swing and when the meeting attendance is down – I know that many varsity students are rushing to prepare for their mid-term tests and/or working hard to get their projects completed in order to meet deadlines. That explains why our Thursday meeting only drew a crowd of thirty-five. [Note: The majority of those who came are from Sunway College].
Nonetheless, it was still a good meeting and we had our usual fill of Table Topics and assignment speeches. Not to mention the accompanying evaluations.
Overall, it was a fun meeting because many members came in their costumes as these photos below show:


I enjoyed the meeting very much and I am sure the rest did too!

We didn’t start the meeting on time though – we were two-and-a-half minutes late – and so I am obliged to give it a score of only 4.5 over 10.

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