Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Mini Guillotine

Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, Kelantan Deputy Menteri Besar and chairman of the state’s hudud law technical committee, was reported to be toying with the idea of a mini guillotine to be used to sever someone’s hand – since doctors were said to have refused to go along with this ‘Islamic’ punishment for theft.

[Note: Doctors who are members of the Malaysian Medical Association are bound by the Hippocratic Oath and Hudud violates that Oath].

PAS is promoting Hudud, and therefore, amputation of the limb(s) is prescribed for theft. It is supposed to act as a deterrent by making the person convicted of theft to suffer for his crime and experience the pain of having his limb (or limbs) chopped off.

Coming back to the mini guillotine – it is simple to use and it doesn’t need a surgeon to make it work. And furthermore, the contraption needs only two persons to operate. The first is to hold down the convicted person and the other to exert the lever. And of course, the Judge who passed the sentence is also supposed to be present.

But wait a minute! You would still need a doctor to be in attendance to ensure that the felon doesn’t suffer “unnecessarily” during his ordeal. Islamic law is either silent or frowns on the use of anaesthetics.

Sometimes I think these PAS fellas are closet sadists!

The guillotine first gained fame during the French Revolution when physician and revolutionary Joseph-Ignace Guillotin won passage of a law requiring all death sentences to be carried out by "means of a machine."

A French decapitating machine was built and tested on cadavers, and on April 25, 1792, it took its first head. The device soon became known as the "guillotine" after its advocate, and more than ten thousand people lost their heads by guillotine during the Revolution, including King Louis XVI (see pic below) and Queen Mary Antoinette.

Anyway, Kelantan has refuted the “mini-guillotine” report by The Star, saying the idea was mooted by the paper’s reporter and not by PAS! Slamming the "inaccurate" report, Nik Amar's private secretary Mohd Khairil Hazmie Yusof said it could affect the state government's efforts to help people understand and accept hudud laws.
On Monday, I was at Mercu UEM in KL Sentral to attend the KL Advanced Toastmasters meeting. I took on a speech evaluator role. A good meeting and I am giving it a score of an 8 over 10.

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