Friday, November 28, 2014

Exploding Poo



In Zhangjiajie, Hunan province in China, an apartment building was knocked down when a cesspool filled with human excrement exploded. The blast was apparently sparked by a local who decided to burn his thrash too close to the faecal pit. This ignited the methane gas that was discharging from the pit.
The incident occurred on November 22, 2014 and according to the Xinhua news agency, fifteen people were injured but thankfully, nobody died.
It is said that China's urban infrastructure has often been hastily built with little regard for safety. This is the outcome of the gargantuan rural-urban migration that is taking place all over the country.
This story was accompanied by another excrement-related incident where a man and his mother both died trying to retrieve his wife's new mobile phone – worth 2,000 yuan ($320) – from a toilet septic tank, reports said in May.
According to Dahe, a web portal run by the provincial government in central Henan province, the man jumped in to try to locate the phone but was overcome by fumes and passed out.
Don’t ask me how did the mother die? Maybe she jumped in after her son lost consciousness after he had jumped in. Maybe she was so distraught that she decided to end her life when her son drowned in the septic tank. Maybe.
And how did the wife’s phone end up there? Maybe she was making a clandestine call and her phone slipped from her hand and into the tank. Maybe she wanted to test her hubby’s love for her and so she threw her phone into the septic tank to see what he will do. Maybe.
Anyway, these are unusual stories. Only in China…
Bulgarian champion side Ludogorets Razgrad and Liverpool FC drew 2-2 on Sunday. The former are eliminated whilst the latter still have a chance to reach the Champions League last 16 – if they can beat Basel in their last group game next month.
Liverpool’s goals came from Rickie Lambert (8) and Jordan Henderson (37). It was another unconvincing performance but the Reds remain in control of their European destiny after Basel were beaten 1-0 by reigning champions Real Madrid.

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