Thursday, November 6, 2014

Deviant Sisters in Islam

Yesterday, PAS Youth continued to display their belligerence against Sisters in Islam when the former assailed the latter and labelling them as an insidious non-governmental organization that are hell-bent on despoiling Islam by spreading Jewish and Christian thinking. Hmmm, is he always so stupid or was yesterday a special occasion?
The PAS deputy chief Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi made it clear that when SIS contended that “all humans are sons of Allah” – it shows that SIS had spurned Allah as the only one as stipulated in the Al-Ikhlas chapter. Therefore, SIS are deviant.

But even within PAS, not everybody agrees with the above. Three PAS MPs (see above photo) – Dr Mujahid Yusof Rawa (Parit Buntar), Hanipa Maidin (Sepang) and Khalid Samad (Shah Alam) – have questioned whether the Selangor Islamic Affairs Council (Mais) had provided any recourse for those who allegedly practise pluralism and liberalism to state their stand, before ruling they had violated Islamic teachings.

They said that any edict passed by the Selangor fatwa committee cannot be used to ban any particular organization and any fatwa is to be decided only after adequate discussion and scrutiny. They also said that a fatwa is not to be made for the banning of a particular organization and doing that would actually mean going against the spirit of the fatwa. Mais was taken to task over their apparent lack of muzakarah (discussion) with the concerned parties.
The fatwa is an arbitrary act of ill-will and enmity and increasingly, it is a common feature of Malaysia. How sad!
On Tuesday, I was at KL Sentral’s Plaza Sentral – Level 6 – to attend the Allianz Toastmasters meeting. I am grateful to Betty Phua for giving me a speaking slot. I delivered my CC speech #6 titled “I Murdered a Song” and infusing my speech with the necessary vocal variety. I was voted Best Speaker and likewise my evaluator, CP Lau – he was voted Best Evaluator.
It is always nice to be in an Allianz Toastmasters meeting because you can always expect good company, good food and more importantly, a good meeting. It has earned a 7 over 10 score.

The Toastmaster-of-the-Evening introduced something special when she got attendees to make at least two jottings and give to those at the meeting – small notes that promote positivity. After all, positivity brings positivity and it is a nice move to power us up. I am thankful I received three as shown below:

Liverpool hardly posed a threat at all and Real Madrid won 1-0 in this Champions League match on Tuesday. Karim Benzema scored the only goal. As for the Reds, the less I talk about them, the better.

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