Sunday, November 2, 2014

40 years from UM to prison

The Malaysian Insider pic by Afif Abd Halim
I had mentioned on October 30, 2014 that my speaking slot at a Universiti Malaya Toastmasters meeting was cancelled because the chickenshit varsity authorities had locked down the campus on Monday.
Anwar Ibrahim had been invited to the same venue on the same day to speak at a PMUM (the UM Undergraduates' Association) event "40 years: from UM to prison" – but the spineless stooges declared the event illegal.
The courageous students defied the UM administration and pushed open the university's main gate at its Kuala Lumpur-Bangsar entrance. This was to ensure that Anwar was able to enter his alma mater to address a crowd of about 2,000 people on that wet evening.
Fahmi Zainol, the PMUM president who led the charge has now been slapped with nine charges by the Universiti Malaya disciplinary committee. Eight others who acted alongside him were also charged but with different charges.
This is intimidation. It is a not-so-secret attempt to frighten university students and turn them into pliant and passive pansies. But what about the rest of the student population? Why are they keeping quiet? Why are they so gutless?
Brendan Rodgers had admitted that Liverpool lacked confidence in attack after Saturday's 1-0 shock defeat to Newcastle. The Reds were third in the EPL at this stage last season and had scored 17 goals, but with Luis Suarez sold and fellow striker Daniel Sturridge injured – they barely posed a threat. [Note: Only 13 goals have been scored todate].

"It's not working for us at the moment," said Rodgers. Duh! He is stating the obvious. I suppose once a fool, always a fool!

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