Wednesday, September 17, 2014

'No' Leads on the Final Day

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Social media giant Facebook has seen 10 million interactions concerning the Scottish independence referendum in just a five-week period. 

And three new polls, by Opinium for the Daily Telegraph, ICM for the Scotsman, and Survation for the Daily Mail suggested the "No" vote held a slender lead going into the final day of campaigning. With undecided voters excluded, all three polls suggested a lead for No of 52% to 48%. 

The full breakdown of the Opinium poll was 49% for No, 45% for Yes and 6% undecided, while the ICM survey was 45% No, 41% Yes and 14% undecided. The Survation poll had Yes 44%, No 48% and Undecided 8%. 

For sure, the referendum is turning out to be a very tight affair. Both the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ campaigners are out in force to garner support from the ‘undecided’ voters. Even if supposedly, the ‘No’ camp has the edge – nothing is really certain. Indeed, things have becoming suspenseful. 

Certainly, the referendum is getting to be nerve-racking by the hour! 

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